Township in Kendal parish, Kendal ward, Westmorland.

Acreage: 1,803 acres [730 ha], including common land on Lambrigg Fell, enclosed with Docker Fell 1886 (totalling 641 acres [259 ha]).

Population: rising from 124 in 1801 to 176 in 1831; then falling back to 133 in 1901 and declining to 80 by 1961; stood at 90 in 2001.

Landownership: granted to Gilbert of Burneside 1273, descending by marriage in mid-14th century to Bellinghams. Later acquired by Ducket family; Anthony Ducket sold it to Sir John Lowther 1680.

Economy: predominantly agricultural; small-scale quarrying; copper vein worked in 18th century. Wind farm on Lambrigg Fell in operation since 2000.

Places of worship: none.

Schools and other institutions: none.