Catherine Parr's link with Kendal is well known - but is there another link between Kendal and the Tudors?  Dr Starkey's lecture will explore the life of a different lady, Lady Margaret Beaufort,'my lady the king's mother' - and suggest she is "Kendal's Real Queen"

Census data for Cumberland Ward (1801-2001) is now available on the Resources section of the website.

A separate sheet containing census data for Carlisle City will be added soon. 

A new set of guidelines are now available for those working on parish/township articles. Briefing Note 4 provides a checklist of sources for anyone working on the religious history of a parish or township. These guidelines can be found on the 'Resources' page.

The Census data for Eskdale Ward (1801 to 2001) is now available on the "Resources" section of the website.

A pdf. version of the data set is available to members of the public, but there is also a version in Excel on the members' only pages.