Become a VCH volunteer

The VCH Cumbria project is a long-term collaborative project, whereby volunteers from the Cumbrian community will collect the basic historical material, write the histories and create the topographical database. At the same time the project will provide a vehicle for the future education, training and participation of all those who wish to make a contribution, ensuring that everyone can play a part, while ensuring the published histories will be of the highest standards. Within the project there will be roles for people of all stages of qualification and experience, including absolute newcomers.

Volunteers should ideally also be members of CCHT, and should indicate their interest in volunteering on the form when joining.

For further information about membership or volunteering, or to express interest, please contact Sarah Rose, the Volunteer Co-ordinator. Sarah Rose Tel: 01524 593141 Email: Further details can also be found on the ‘Be a Member’ page of the website. Please do not embark on research without first discussing your involvement in the project with the Volunteer Co-ordinator.