Become a Member of CCHT

To join CCHT, please download and print the application form, and post to the address on the form, with your subscription (details on form)

The Cumbria County History Trust is a charity which any interested individual, history and heritage society, museum, or commercial organisation can join. The members elect a number of trustees, to join those nominated by the founding organisations, and elect the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the organisation at the Annual General Meeting. Therefore joining the charity allows you to have a say in how the project is managed.

Ordinary membership is £25 per annum, and entitles members to all the normal rights of membership in the Constitution of the CCHT. Members are asked to subscribe by a covenant for five years, enhanced by tax giving if appropriate.

Gold Membership involves a subscription of £100 per annum for five years. Founder Members subscribe £100 per annum and are listed in our Roll of Honour (list closed on 15 March 2011), and will be named in the first volume which we publish.